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WIAC  A/S (Ltd.) was founded by Mr. Don Walker, who has over 25 years of experience in paper manufacturing related industries.

WIAC A/S (Ltd.) negotiate directly, by selling ideas and products to the  management.

In implementation we work right alongside factory personnel.

WIAC A/S (Ltd.)'s consultancy service stretches over many forms of paper / board converting and packaging, and specialise in the following fields


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"WIAC Process Technique"

Adhesive Preparation Equipment

  • Adhesive preparation equipment, for example: Polyvinyl alcohol adhesives, starch/dextrine based glues, casein glues, etc.

  • Market Research for new potential market areas

  • Sales & Marketing for newly established products

  • Technical Services

  • Production   Trouble-shooting

  • Turn key - projects

  • Commissioning new factory produktion units  

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"WIAC Process Technique"

Adhesive Preparation Equipment


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WIAC A/S (Ltd.)

Højvangen 12, DK- 2860 Søborg, Copenhagen Denmark

Phone: +45 3969 9988         Fax: +45 3969 9588               Last edited    19-05-03