Walker's International Adhesive Consultants

A/S (Ltd.)

World-wide Reliable Company

We provide and deliver Adhesive powder and offer adhesive consultancy assistance.
Also we develop adhesive products and offer Turn-key Projects and production support.

Our goal & Vision

Is to improve “green” and efficient solutions to our customer’s, and at the same time be competitive and innovative.
Deliver products and solutions that minimizes the adhesive consumption and maximizes end-product quality.

Smart Solutions

We design tailormade adhesive preparation solutions / equipment in cooperation with specialized engineering companies, to ensure the company’s production needs.

WIAC A/S (Ltd.) is a powder laminating adhesive consultancy- and manufacturing company

Our expertize lies within laminating of solid fiberboard & corewinding. Further more we design turn-key projects – adhesive preparation equipment for use “on-site”.

We also deliver liquid blends from our partner, EOC in Belgium, throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Was established in 1992 by Don and Lis Walker. Don Walker had already then many years of experience within the adhesive industry.

Has specialized in consultancy service, problem solving and product development, and are able to pinpoint challenges in the production line.

In 2015 – we established own production plant in Denmark and we also offer powder blend production fort he non-food chemical industry on toll-processing basis.

WIAC’s environmental friendly based adhesive products are used widely for laminating of solid fibre board, cascading and cores.

Quality control and R&D

For each batch we produce we take a control sample for analysis to ensure our product complies with the specifications defined. With each delivery, a COA is forwarded. Quality and product safety is of very high importance to us, and we work continuously to improve existing products while looking for new and better raw materials to our production.

Research and development

is also an important issue and we do our very best to be the leading supplier for environmental and innovative solutions. Therefore, we are considering a future co-operation with DTU (Danish Technical University) to ensure our product development will be of highest quality.

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Hoejvangen 12, DK 2860 Søborg, Denmark Ph: +45 3969 9988 Fax: +45 3969 9588 Mobile: +45 2331 8087 E-mail: mail@wiac.com

Address production site:Roedhoej 49, DK 4550 Asnaes, Denmark

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Lis Walker

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We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our contact form if you got any question and our team will respond, thats for sure! We got thousands of solved problems and a customer satisfaction of 97%. We do care that your projects run great!